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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
The Day in 2012 that my 2009 article was listed as "Most Downloaded" 
13th-Jun-2012 03:29 pm
Ever since I noticed the "Most Read" feature on the Taylor & Francis website sometime back in 2011, my article for Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics has been the #1 Most Read. However, I've had absolutely no reason to believe that any of my other academic writing is particularly popular.

So it was with double-take shock that, in the process of looking up a couple of articles in Publishing Research Quarterly this afternoon, that I noticed my 2009 article "Books, Not Comics" was in equal first place on the Springer site's real-time updated Most Downloaded list. I actually read PRQ online reasonably often, and I have never ever seen it on this list before!!!

What's going on? No clue. But I knew instantly that I had to screencap it before it was gone:

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