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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
From Twitter 05-05-2011 
6th-May-2011 08:13 am

  • 07:41:49: RT @timeshighered: More immediate news: Dozens of students have occupied part of London Metropolitan University in protest at the propos ...
  • 07:49:12: RT @Kennifleur BBC News - Higher tuition fees 'blow to local economies' (Cambridge in top 10 cities to be affected) - http://bbc.in/kqjTxB
  • 09:48:44: "One for All and All for One" by Noah Berlatsky at Hooded Utilitarian (@hoodedu) http://bit.ly/lzabnD Thanks for reading my manga research!
  • 11:58:21: RT @LSEImpactBlog: New post: @CaseyBrienza on why the prestige of a publication is of paramount importance when it comes to making impac ...
  • 12:03:13: Chillin' in a cafe overlooking Bryant Park. Ain't this da life? :-P
  • 15:17:19: Call for papers for a new digital media conference arrives in my *postal mail*. That's... *fishes for appropriate adjective and finds none*
  • 17:58:35: RT @VIZ_Media: Did you know? VIZ is turning 25 this year. http://bit.ly/m8vsXb
  • 22:33:41: A part of me would love to attend this workshop, but how can I justify $50 when I might never find an academic job? http://bit.ly/lftoM0
  • 22:35:08: Tenure as Academic Hazing by @mary_churchill http://bit.ly/kpzBHx Could you even write this on the tenure track?
  • 22:40:31: Heh. Of course it was a sociologist who wrote the conference tips using a "What Happens in Vegas" quip. http://bit.ly/lw7ime

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