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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
From Twitter 04-25-2011 
26th-Apr-2011 08:12 am

  • 06:37:25: AM RT A New Model for Peer-Reviewing Monographs? | Casey Brienza | The Sociological Imagination - http://bit.ly/fEqEHf
  • 07:10:04: Why didn't anybody tell me I'm listed in the Rough Guide to Manga's entry for Otaku USA?! >_< http://bit.ly/hES2Oe
  • 07:25:54: First ever comment made to this Monday's Mediated Matters column. Check it out. ^_^ http://bit.ly/hJzkN5
  • 08:12:01: RT @calreid: PW's pre-BEA issue offers all the stuff you need to know about the upcoming BookExpo America in New York. http://ow.ly/4GeBU
  • 08:13:39: Many thanks for retweets! @socwomen @mapav8 @edsizemore
  • 09:17:46: Looking forward to attending Social Media: Social Uprising with Clay Shirky et al. at NYU tonight. :D http://bit.ly/fpIo9W
  • 09:51:20: RT @DarylSurat: The earlier post by @CaseyBrienza led me to find this book from 2010 that lists a 2006 AWO episode as a work cited: http ...
  • 09:55:26: RT @DianeRavitch Curious: NJ is one of top-scoring states on NAEP. Why the teacher-bashing and privatizing?
  • 10:22:22: Okay! Off to ruminate and try to work what I hope will be my doctoral thesis's theoretical intervention from half-baked toward well done.
  • 15:22:45: Ah, University of Cambridge, how I love thee. Forget to type "www" before your URL and I get a "Server Not Found" message.
  • 15:32:10: My website hasn't been displaying correctly lately unless I'm constantly re-uploading it. Does http://caseybrienza.com look okay to y'all?
  • 15:35:38: April is the cruelest month. So glad she's almost done with her once annual damage.
  • 18:27:30: Unexpected disadvantage to the new NJ Transit trains: can't here 'em approaching the platform from the parking lot anymore.
  • 23:48:30: An absolute pleasure meeting @savasavasava for Korean food this evening after a talk at NYU. (Also, @JessieNYC sighting! XD )

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