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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
Casey's Conferencing Comedy of Errors 
11th-Apr-2011 11:12 pm
Jetlag-induced exhaustion always makes me stupid, but my sojourn in London last week took me to new heights of Absentminded Academicitis. At least the British Sociological Association's annual conference itself went smoothly...'cause nothing else did!

Day 1
On my way to a dinner for postgraduates, I leave my handbag behind--with my passport, bank cards, identification, and cash--in a hotel lobby and have to double back. Thank goodness the hotel staff found it before anyone else did. Unfortunately, this also meant lots more walking for the hapless postgrad who happened to be accompanying me.

Day 2
Nothing bad happened on Day 2. But Days 3 and 4 more than made up for that.

Day 3
I decided to go see a Wizard of Oz showing at the West End after the final day of the conference and landed cheap day tickets for a front and center seat. It was so front, though, that I ended up never actually seeing the Yellow Brick Road...and the melting scene (not that I would have seen her going into the floor anyway) was troubled by technical difficulties. After the show, I'd planned to go see a friend DJing at a nightclub, but in the tube station I nearly fell down the escalator (something's wrong with my left foot now, may have to get it checked out) and so decided perhaps it was better to just call it a night. 'Cept that when I got back to the flat I was staying, I couldn't open the door (lock was jammed), and stood pathetically on the street trying to wrench it open until a Good Samaritan stopped to help me.

Day 4
Awoke late to find out that my flight was screwed up, and the only way that I was going to be able to fix it was at great expense and in-person. Begin loooong train commute to Heathrow, and barely make correct Piccadilly Line train; the door shut on my leg, and no amount of prying at the door by bystanders would loosen me (the conductor eventually twigged onto the fact that there might be a problem and opened the doors again briefly)--I have bruises now to show for that! Needless to say, fixing my ticket once I did get to the airport was a headache-and-a-half and cost me Big Bucks.
12th-Apr-2011 08:45 am (UTC)
Argh -- attending conferences should not be hard on the legs in that way. Perhaps you should have your foot and damaged leg checked out when you return.

I'm glad the conference went well.
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