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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
From Twitter 04-06-2011 
7th-Apr-2011 08:13 am

  • 13:25:20: Really enjoyed the first day of #bsaconf11. Definitely *not* enjoying the lack of open wireless internet access.
  • 13:25:47: RT @ernestopriego: Nice to have @CaseyBrienza visiting! #comicsandpublishingscholarsunite
  • 13:36:19: Some aggression from the audience at the Beck/Gilroy talk earlier today, and I thought some of the points maide were good ones. #bsaconf11
  • 13:39:39: I'm not ready to accept idea that "cosmopolitanization" matters more than nation. I went thru immigration at LHR yesterday. #bsaconf11
  • 13:40:43: Also fascinated by how race/ethnicity is wedded to migration in the UK. It's taught in conjunction with inequality in the US. #bsaconf11
  • 13:47:17: Must mention that I owe **much** to @ernestopriego this week for helping keep my visit to London from costing me less than four figures.
  • 18:53:34: English food terrible as always, but the London trains make NYC/area look like a third world country.
  • 18:56:22: Giddens sighting at BSA Dinner. Mad I didn't have any good paper cuz long ago promised a friend his autograph. #bsaconf11

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