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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
From Twitter 03-25-2011 
26th-Mar-2011 07:11 am

  • 07:02:15: I'll be in Manhattan tomorrow (Sat). Anybody interested in getting dinner, perchance?
  • 07:04:22: Also planning on taking in a talk at Columbia University later today. ^_^
  • 07:09:29: #FF Welcome new followers! @charlottefrost @sabinahikel @scholasticahq @ChuangTzu36 @defbest @dr_grzanka @HilaryBurrage
  • 07:09:51: #FF Welcome new followers! @katbat67 @real_large @tcbird1 @bob_calder @Red_Cassandra @NirmaGuerra @sjwku
  • 07:46:05: RT @ICV2: Diamond Resumes Shipments to Borders - Diamond Book is resuming shipments of books and games to Borders.  http://ow.ly/1bVrk3
  • 07:53:52: FLAT TIRE THIS MORNING. Things are not going my way...
  • 09:26:22: RT @ComicsGrid "Some Early Notes on The Comics Grid: Collaboration, Scholarship, Dissemination" http://j.mp/gUJbCZ via @ernestopriego
  • 10:17:50: Ah Sundome. Read vols. 1 and 6 and don't feel like I've missed anything by not reading 2-5. The series is one looooong *BLEEP* *BLEEP*
  • 12:01:58: Many thanks for #FF shout-outs! @GdnHigherEd @andreadoucet
  • 13:23:51: Excellent article about bias against women in academe: 'An Unwanted Consequence' - Inside Higher Ed http://t.co/TVh7AlA

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26th-Mar-2011 10:00 am (UTC)
Thanks for that last link. I've recently encountered the same attitude from a job interview. Thought it was my imagination but it's nice to see it mentioned here.
26th-Mar-2011 10:54 am (UTC)
Do you have my number still? Call me today. I'll be in Brooklyn helping my friend move but if I finish early enough I may be able to meet you for a quick bite in Manhattan.
26th-Mar-2011 11:42 am (UTC)
I won't be free until after 6 pm. I'm going to a conference in Columbia today.
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