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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
From Twitter 03-23-2011 
24th-Mar-2011 07:12 am

  • 09:35:07: Good grief! Why did all the important emails arrive in my inbox past midnight?!
  • 10:40:27: If it's not obvious why you're following me, a short "hello" in my direction would be nice--so I know you're not a spambot. I know I dream.
  • 11:38:46: I can't believe how dire the weather is today. Like snow cone shavings falling out of the sky...
  • 12:06:45: RT @BiellaColeman Stanley Fish on grad student unionizing. He now supports it thnx to Wisconsin http://goo.gl/8OFcw
  • 12:25:55: RT @GdnHigherEd: UK hopes to limit highest fees but seemingly not working> RT @CaseyBrienza: Price as proxy for reputation *exactly* ...
  • 14:57:24: Thanks for the retweet! @animeresearch @danielle_leigh1
  • 16:56:58: Just set up a mirror of my personal website on University of Cambridge webspace: http://people.pwf.cam.ac.uk/cb607/
  • 17:06:25: Oh yeah...I should mention that I've only got the main page mirrored so far. All of the links still point to my own webspace.
  • 17:08:15: RT @lynneguist: Why does AmE seem to have so many more slang terms for 'vomiting' than BrE? (You'd think that binge-drinking would be le ...
  • 17:30:56: Meh. Changed my mind in favor of a stripped down version for the Cam web. CV + contact email only. It's now a self-contained site, though.
  • 17:37:50: Argh, I'm never satisfied. >_< Here's the link One More Time: http://people.pwf.cam.ac.uk/cb607/

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