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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
From Twitter 03-20-2011 
21st-Mar-2011 07:11 am

  • 09:15:41: The Bronx Bus Crash and Ethnic Occupational Niches - http://nyti.ms/fKS14X
  • 15:22:41: Many thanks for adding me to your lists! @Toukochan @Red_Cassandra
  • 15:29:22: Are internet companies that focus on crowdsourcing the new sweatshops? http://bit.ly/hk6xmU
  • 15:30:47: RT @mediaguardian BBC World Service to sign funding deal with US state department http://gu.com/p/2nq3j/tf
  • 19:41:49: Google accuses China of interfering with Gmail email system http://t.co/G5aSMlO via @guardian
  • 19:59:06: RT @MHCJ: CBS 60 Minutesで、日本のテレビでは見なかった映像を見ました。芭蕉も愛でた、美しい松島が、瓦礫の山です。そして、福島第一原発の側に暮らしていた方々。もう二度と自宅に戻ることは許されないかもしれないんですね。
  • 20:02:25: New installment of my Sociological Imagination column, Mediated Matters: "Why Didn’t Japan Expect the Worst?" http://t.co/foC3ox7
  • 23:51:09: Guess I better get used to the fact that for the foreseeable future I will be spending much of my time explaining what "manga" is to people.

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