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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
From Twitter 03-19-2011 
20th-Mar-2011 07:12 am

  • 12:03:31: An excellent analysis of the current climate of cuts for PhD students in the UK--written by the students themselves. http://bit.ly/euzIhE
  • 12:16:37: RT @jungshadow: Sad to think that @corybooker is involved in this clandestine scheme with @billgates: http://t.co/pslOST5 /via @CaseyBrienza
  • 12:24:45: Annoyed by scholars who don't know the difference between editorials and op-eds. Hint: Editorials are written by the newspaper's staff.
  • 14:04:31: Got another letter in the mail from Journal of Popular Culture. They're still experiencing a two-year delay from acceptance to publication.
  • 15:44:09: Just finished watching the movie Hereafter. Two things: Matt Damon does not sound like he was born and bred in San Francisco.
  • 15:45:14: And the London Book Fair scene? Are the exhibition hall aisles really that empty, and is there really no background noise? Bet not.

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