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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
From Twitter 03-18-2011 
19th-Mar-2011 07:12 am

  • 00:52:20: It's been vaguely warm for, what?, two weeks and already I'm killing the Asian stink bugs that are keeping me awake at night. *curses*
  • 01:58:39: Some fascinating, ambivalent reflections on being a grad student at a disciplinary academic conference by @noelrk http://t.co/d8W7mP3
  • 08:35:28: #FF Welcome new followers! @wwnorton @Chanders @stopthefreezeNJ @bfrymer @Fellistowe @Toukochan @cletocorposanto @ysabet_m @UCLDIS
  • 08:43:07: #FF Thanks for chat, RTs! @caviglia @yuriboke @ABCBTom @animemiz @manga_critic @ComicsGrid @allaboutmanga @ernestopriego @edsizemore @noelrk
  • 08:43:36: #FF Thanks for chat, RTs! @GdnHigherEd @prof_mann @ArturLozano @cabell @sarahthesheepu @JessieNYC @katrinagulliver @profsivek @janniaragon
  • 08:55:09: My review of Multiculturalism in the New Japan has been assigned to an issue! I hope the sudden movement isn't current events-related...
  • 10:17:46: Another day, another grant application. >_<
  • 11:36:07: RT @allaboutmanga We got over $2000 in donations this morning, we've gone over our original goal!! Thank you all!
  • 16:05:24: News bump: Kodansha USA is publishing a new English-language edition of Sailor Moon! (Editor: @allaboutmanga, Translator: @WilliamFlanagan)
  • 16:10:30: On Tiger Mom Syndrome at Inside Higher Ed. Love it! RT @mary_churchill Blog U.: Drill, Baby, Drill? http://bit.ly/h98Ghc
  • 16:44:32: Judge Blocks Wisconsin Law on Union Bargaining - http://nyti.ms/ePM6E1
  • 16:45:38: RT @theDivaLea Kodansha's announced an English reprint of Sailor Moon w/o Parasyte, crappy paper or a music magazine. SQUEAL!
  • 20:42:00: FYI @MangaCast wants you to know that he works for Vertical, not Kodansha USA. Despite my gleeful tweets which may have suggested otherwise.
  • 21:28:01: Am I the only one who has *winter* allergies? I knew it was spring when I woke up this morning without any congestion! Today was a good day.
  • 21:56:54: ARGH: http://bit.ly/fVzJjL Very proud today **NOT** to be a Gates Cambridge Scholar. This Jersey leftie doesn't want the name on her CV.
  • 23:04:06: RT @DianeRavitch: @CaseyBrienza @rratto The big foundations are never accountable for their mistakes. They don't apologize and they move on.
  • 23:18:00: Thanks to @DianeRavitch, my Twitter Feed is overrun with angry teachers. It's a beautiful thing.

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