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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
From Twitter 03-15-2011 
16th-Mar-2011 07:16 am

  • 00:22:24: Reading news on the Fukushima nuclear plant makes me feel like I'm watching a train wreck in slow-motion. I hope the impression is wrong.
  • 09:04:21: Whoa. My academic writing has been cited (*twice*) by a scholar whose name I actually recognize! http://bit.ly/egrhkr
  • 09:06:05: Heads up everybody! The deadline for the International Comic Arts Forum CfP has been extended to March 25. http://bit.ly/fsTHT9
  • 09:25:38: Thanks for retweets! @ComicsGrid @savasavasava @ABCBTom
  • 10:05:03: RT @allaboutmanga Announcing Anime & Manga Bloggers for Japan- Supporting Doctors Without Borders & ShelterBox: http://bit.ly/dUGejw
  • 10:12:56: Many thanks! ^__^ @janniaragon @yuriboke @calvinhyj
  • 10:26:33: Publishers and Libraries Struggle over Terms of E-Books - http://nyti.ms/dLJiAL
  • 10:51:02: The race to the top in UK higher ed has begun! RT @timeshighered Oxford confirms it plans to charge £9k fees: http://bit.ly/icnUNU
  • 11:41:23: Fascinating and super-fun article about the low-level employees in the publishing industry @newyorkobserver: http://nyob.co/gUoehu
  • 12:00:06: If UK unis don't charge the same £9,000 fees as Oxbridge, they run the risk of looking "second-rate." Result? Everyone charging the maximum.
  • 14:02:53: Looks like my paper has been accepted to an ASA Culture Section roundtable, and I'm to be the presider. Woh-kay. See ya in Vegas!
  • 14:17:17: Many thanks! Though no congrats are in order, really. :-P @katrinagulliver @janniaragon
  • 22:25:32: Woo hoo~! Actually crossed something off of my to-do list today. XD XD XD

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