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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
Recent online productivity! 
10th-Mar-2011 09:57 am
I've been pounding out a bunch of short pieces lately for various online editorial press outlets. Check 'em out!

1) A review of Black Butler Vol. 3 at Graphic Novel Reporter. (For a list of past reviews, click here.)

2) A guest blog post titled, "Cuts and Cash Cows" for the British Sociological Association's blog, Sociology & the Cuts.

3) Super-duper announcement! I am preparing a new weekly column series called "Mediated Matters" for the webzine Sociological Imagination. The first installment is currently queued to go live next Monday, March 14. Don't miss it! (My past and future contributions to SI may be found here.)

4) And finally, a bit of unexpected (but cool!) news. My Top 10 Manga of 2010 article at Graphic Novel Reporter has been cited in an article translated by the Asahi Shimbun from the Anime Anime Japan Ltd. website.
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