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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
Manga Unreview: Moyasimon Vol. 1, by Ishikawa Masayuki 
4th-Sep-2010 03:35 pm
un·re·view noun 1. unvarnished opinion; 2. containing none of the prose niceties of a well-constructed book review

So hyped, so disappointing.

The premise, microbiology at an agricultural school, while promising (as well as educational), is dragged down by a cast of characters who are about five rewrites short of three-dimensional.

Note to Ishikawa: If you have to have extra-wide margins expressly to explain their characteristics and motivations, you're doing it wrong. The cute germs don't fix things and just remind me uncomfortably of the "Happy Virus (Wishing you happy time!)" stationary in Korea circa 2003...perfect for love letters to your favorite HIV-positive friend, if you know what I mean. Argh.

The series' strongest asset thus far, at least in Del Rey Manga's translation, is Stephen Paul's translation/adaptation, which skilled and naturalistic.

P.S. The American flag design on the cover is random, meaningless in the context of the Moyasimon plot, and IMHO a bit creepy.
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