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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
Ghost Talker's Daydream Vol. 1 by Okuse Saki and Sankichi Meguro 
3rd-Feb-2009 07:24 am
Okuse, Saki and Meguro Sankichi. Ghost Talker's Daydream. Vol. 1. Trans. Matthew Johnson. Milwaukie, OR: Dark Horse, 2008.
          Summary: Saiki Misaki splits her time between working as an S/M dominatrix and a ghost talker, a medium who works for the Japanese government and specializes in putting unquiet spirits to rest. In this volume: "Hanging Mansion" and "Bear Po."
          Comments: A manga that talks about Nair for "down there"? My life is complete! *sigh* It's rather disappointing that Okuse Saki did not illustrate this tale of sexualized horror herself, but I guess the publisher decided that the manga needed a "redeeming" cute factor that she just wasn't going to provide. Anyway, Ghost Talker's Daydream definitely gets originality points for most unusual manga heroine, but I must say that neither of the actual story scenarios, with their pop profundity, did anything for me. In both cases, the reveal was not particularly interesting. A guy kills his daughter by accident and then tries to cover it up because he doesn't feel sufficiently remorseful? A boy whose suicide is blamed on the boy who was bullying him--but really he *ahem* chose to hang himself? Yeah, whatevah. You'd think, from the manga's premise, that this one would evoke strong feelings of either devotion or hatred...but nope. Its thorough mediocrity thoroughly forecloses fannish passion.
          Rating: 5/10 - Fans of supernatural seinen manga will want to check this one out, but it is not a must read by any means.
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