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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
It's not even noon and I'm already getting sick of all the maudlin Innauguration Day coverage. 
20th-Jan-2009 11:11 am
Get your head out of the clouds already and take a plunge into the crystal-clear waters of reality with three pieces that speak the sorts of truths it seems nobody is ready to hear:

Are We There Yet, Martin? by Joan Walsh on Salon.com
A Penny for My Thoughts? Everyone's talking about "our first black president." Call me a curmudgeon, but you know what I see? Another president who was born and raised among (the right sort of) white people. What we call "race" in this country is actually a particular alignment between culture, class, and physical characteristics. Trust me--family background matters a lot. So while in theory I agree that the existence of Obama proves that anybody can be president, in fact anybody with half an unsentimental part left in their brain knows that it just ain't true. Not yet, anyway. Take it from someone who passes as Korean-American but is definitely not Korean-American...yet would nonetheless win the Asian-American vote by a landslide were she to run for president (which she can't do anyway).

The Glass Is Half Empty and Context by PZ Meyers on Pharyngula
A Penny for My Thoughts? Exactly. All these sky-high expectations are bound to be disappointed.

Will Public Education Be Militarized? by Andy Kroll at TomDispatch.com
A Penny for My Thoughts? And speaking of disappointments, I thought this was a joke when I read it...but no dice. On one of the issues I care about most, education, Obama's choice of appointee isn't just infuriating. It's downright scary. Casualization and marketization of education I've heard before (College professors instructed to wear logo lanyards on campus at all times so that they are recognized as "customer service" personnel who can point new and confused students in the right direction to the correct classrooms? Anybody? Nobody?), and I was expecting to be disappointed by a scion of the Chicago School in those respects, but militarization??? H*ly f*ck in a handbasket. Right, so while the Obama girls attended their exclusive $30,000/year private primary schools, the rest of Chicago's less fortunate urban youth were being prepped to get shot and killed in our next war of aggression.
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