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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
Kethylia is all a-Twitter... 
6th-Nov-2008 12:07 am
Because microblogging is extremely addictive. The following tweets were posted to my public Twitter account in the past twenty four hours (or the last time LoudTwitter updated, whichever is sooner):
  • 00:39 Whatwith the economy, I knew it would be an easy win. This "gut" tends to be right. *laughs* Now, to sleep easy.
  • 07:52 OMG, look at the numbers for Minnesota's senate race... He's behind, like, 700 votes! *crosses fingers for Al Franken*
  • 16:49 The son of the mentor of one of my professors bloviates: tinyurl.com/694ttg
  • 18:00 Hmm. Americans have always believed in their exceptionalism; now, once again, the world seems in agreement.
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