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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
Kethylia is all a-Twitter... 
28th-Sep-2008 11:32 pm
Because microblogging is extremely addictive. The following tweets were posted to my public Twitter account in the past twenty four hours (or the last time LoudTwitter updated, whichever is sooner):
  • 02:58 Hours of noraebang with the ANN and FUNimation crew. Now attempting to go home.
  • 03:34 My God, the worst ride on the PATH that I've ever had...
  • 08:46 Less than three hours of sleep and back on the eastbound train already. *dies*
  • 10:27 Last day *hallelujah* of NYAF.
  • 12:30 Yen Press panel.
  • 12:37 Hero Tales art by Arakawa Hiromu, Spice and Wolf novels, 13th Boy, Welcome to Wakaba-soh.
  • 12:37 Sugarholic.
  • 14:58 Final panel of the day: Japanamerica with Roland Kelts.
  • 15:23 *headache* I can't take it...
  • 16:07 Don't know how the rest of the day is going to shake down.
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