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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
Kethylia is all a-Twitter... 
26th-Sep-2008 11:31 pm
Because microblogging is extremely addictive. The following tweets were posted to my public Twitter account in the past twenty four hours (or the last time LoudTwitter updated, whichever is sooner):
  • 00:08 Sing Your Praise to the Lord. I JUST managed to finish everything that needed to get done between now and...err...today.
  • 00:18 Off to curl up with the Aurora edition of MIRAI NO KIOKU. My God, has it really been six years? Oooooohhh, I feel sooooo old... T_T
  • 11:07 Just arrived and picked up my pass. Now to figure out what I'm going to do for the next three days.
  • 17:39 Hideyuki Kikuchi panel.
  • 17:49 He says he writes everything by hand. Personal best is 94 pages in one day.
  • 22:47 Vertical panel. No manga licenses, but I won a hardcover Black Jack Vol. 1 in a raffle. Heh..
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