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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
More "Chicks on Anime," plus a request for more...err...chicks on anime! 
9th-Sep-2008 08:25 pm
Candybar Doll
The third installment of ANN's gal-centric roundtable discussion went up yesterday. The topic is moé, and I must confess that I feel this week's to be far-and-away the best we've done so far (and that includes subsequent weeks that haven't gone up yet). Do check it out!

In addition, we're going to be opening the roundtable up to guests. If you work in the anime or manga industries or another related field and want to become a "chick on anime" for a day (even if you aren't normally of the female persuasion), drop me a line! Oh, and feel free to spread the word if you're reading this entry.
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