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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
Kethylia is all a-Twitter... 
8th-Sep-2008 11:30 pm
Because microblogging is extremely addictive. The following tweets were posted to my public Twitter account in the past twenty four hours (or the last time LoudTwitter updated, whichever is sooner):
  • 10:53 Very little sleep last night, and a lo~ng day ahead. Typical. T_T
  • 12:53 Wait, why would I help a university that used Katrina as a pretense to fire hundreds of faculty (tenured, I think!)...?
  • 14:44 *dies* No end in sight to my doctor's appointments.
  • 14:49 Guess who's not here. I'm gonna have a major cow if he flakes on me this afternoon...
  • 14:55 And he's...SAFE!!! :P
  • 16:19 Having an early dinner at my favorite NYU-convenient pizza place. Then off to hit a few bookstores before the show.
  • 17:06 Cooling off at Union Square Park--in the shadow of a Whole Foods.
  • 17:46 Sitting on this tiny little stool in Kinokuniya and cooling of again. I gots over two hours till the show starts.
  • 18:05 Eating a cup of green tea pudding. Not too sweet, but a bit chalky.
  • 23:29 On the first of two trains home. My first time on the new double-decker NJ Transit trains.
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