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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
She's wearin' slippers instead of heels...but she's singin'. MAN but is she singin'... 
2nd-Jul-2008 08:32 pm
I typed the above to Twitter during the intermission of last night's performance of Gypsy at the St. James Theatre. It was funny, fun, and poignant in equal measure, and I highly recommend it to anyone who can go. Even though she had "hurt her foot" and had to wear "Isotoners" (a Totes brand of slippers, I believe), Patti Lupone delivered an awesome performance. No one moved faster, sang louder, or had a bigger stage presence. She was great even from where I was sitting, smack-dab in the second to last balcony row.

Because I was just a little too far away to see the details of anyone's face on-stage, I decided to hang out by the stage door after the show. I got Boyd Gaines' and Lupone's autographs:

Lupone came out last and looked for all the world like everyone's little Italian auntie. (I say this from personal experience with the type, of course.) She was so short I could see the top of her head! (Graying, if you must know.) Her son and his two blonde arm candies (okay, I'm being mean...they and the third girl were probably just friends from his school or something) came out immediately ahead of her and piled into the black SUV that awaited to take them all home.

Anyway, lovedlovedLOVED the cow. Hated the epilepsy-inducing strobe lighting...even though it was used to very neat effect. (Go see the show yourself to see what I'm talking about.)
3rd-Jul-2008 12:16 pm (UTC)
Yay! There have to be advantages of living in/near New York! Whenever I could afford my yearly trip to Londong (i.e. had made enough money during my holiday job in the summer term) I always went into one West End Matinee - even then the main cast usually were on stage.
3rd-Jul-2008 12:21 pm (UTC)
even then the main cast usually were on stage.

Most shows these days, the main cast is contracted for all of the performances. So standbys only go on in rare cases.
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