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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
Heroes Are Extinct!! Vol. 1 by Hido Ryoji 
26th-Mar-2008 01:17 pm
Hido, Ryoji. Heroes Are Extinct!!. Vol. 1. Trans. Melanie Schoen. Gardena, CA: DMP, 2007.
          Summary: Originally titled Tennen! Zetsumetsu Hero. The Bazue Empire has arrived from outer space to conquer Earth and do battle with courageous Earthlings! So imagine Grand General Cassiel's dismay when there are no real Super Sentai/Power Rangers-like Earthlings to do battle with. Guess he'll just have to train some up himself...
          Comments: Yet another manga that I read in random parts back (another lifetime ago) circa 2003 in Wings. I recall being intrigued by its aggressive, anime-inspired look and satirical edge. Of course, Hido Ryoji is not the first female mangaka to find comedic inspiration in sentai TV shows; fellow Shinshokan veteran Tachibana Kaimu had her day with that same subject a decade ago (albeit for a shounen manga audience). In any case, I find that reading this series in one big shot, tankoubon format, is decidedly less impressive than seeing it a little bit at a time. Her stylistic debt to One Piece is far more visible, and the story's not really laugh-out-loud funny in the most generous of circumstances. Probably the best part about this book is, ironically, the atogaki, in which Hido provides a much longer than average explanation of the labor processes required for professional manga creation. Gives a whole new meaning to Foucault's notion of "author function," doesn't it?
          Notes: trade paperback, 1st American edition; first published in Japan by Shinshokan in 2003
          Rating: 5.5/10 - Debut series from a promising new artist...and just enough dramatic suspense to keep me reading for at least one more volume.
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