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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
Not to rain on the dying or anything, but... 
23rd-Dec-2007 01:30 pm
Good grief, what an inane speech. He should've just stuck to comp sci.

A book based on this lecture will be coming out from Disney's publishing arm Hyperion in a few months (?), presumably before Carnegie Mellon professor Randy Pausch kicks the bucket. See, he's 47 years old and diagnosed with incurable cancer--the video above was his "Last Lecture." There will be quite the pity party when this book comes out. And Hyperion is betting that it will be huge; they paid out a $6.7 million (!) advance for it.

Anyway, I was curious, so I forced myself to sit through all of the lecture (nearly an hour and a half). I'd advise the rest of you out there not to bother...unless you're a fan of sentimental, "I am in control of my own destiny" self-help claptrap like The Secret or Tuesdays with Morrie. It's all about how one American white man from a middle class family worked hard and got everything he ever wanted. Right down to the wife and kids and the McMansion in the suburbs. And in reflecting on his awesome life, he thinks he can give pointers to others about how to have as great a life as he's had.

Yeah, like I said, inane. Perhaps inane enough to be a bestselling book? Guess we'll all find out soon enough. Either way, at least the money he's getting from this will be a comfort to his soon-to-be bereaved family.
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