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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
Tuxedo Gin Vol. 3 by Matsuura Tokihiko 
13th-Jun-2007 08:05 pm
Matsuura Tokihiko. Tuxedo Gin. Vol. 3. Trans. Kenichiro Yagi. San Francisco: VIZ Media, 2003.
          Summary: Summer's here, and Gin gets to spend his days with his friends Minako and Musashi. Sort of. But things start to get really complicated when a penguin paramour shows up, claiming that he fathered her egg...
          Comments: Uh-oh. Just when I thought I could bid this series an easy goodbye, it goes and gets funny again. Shosuke and the boxing gym are gone (hopefully for good), and the series is back to what it does best--lowbrow, slightly mean-spirited penguin gags. For the first time, I was actually laughing out loud; I love Gin's flipper-to-the-behind punch of his, and he got a decent amount of action this time around. But best of all was the appearance of Linda and the egg that she claims Gin fathered. Watching her scrub the feathers off of Gin's back was so hilarious I was nearly in tears. I also couldn't help but note that his two penguin friends Mike and Linda happen to have the same names as my parents...which, combined with the totally wacky personalities, tickled my sensibilities also.
          Notes: paperback, 1st American edition (first published in Japan in 1997)
          Rating: 6/10 - A really funny volume. At this rate, I would suggest skipping straight to volume three if you want an introduction to the series. You won't be missing anything especially important if you do.
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