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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
Gravitation: Voice of Temptation by Lennon Jun and Murakami Maki 
8th-Jan-2007 10:50 pm
Lennon, Jun and Maki Murakami. Gravitation: Voice of Temptation. Trans. Andrew Cunningham and Shahan Nerses. Los Angeles: TOKYOPOP, 2006.
          Summary: With illustrations by Murakami Maki. Bad Luck's first national tour is in full swing, so Shuichi's looking forward to some time off with his beloved Yuki. Unfortunately, Yuki is AWOL and has been spotted in Osaka with a beautiful Lolita. Maybe she's trying to separate the two...or maybe, as the case proves to be, she's trying her utmost to ensure that they remain together forever.
          Comments: For whatever reason--and I've no idea why--this second Gravitation novel irritated me a hell of a lot less than the first. (Which, if I recall, I smacked with a "1" rating.) Maybe my tolerance for well-meaning crapola is higher today than it was back then. Who knows? At least Shahan Nerses' adaptation makes the English prose entertaining and readable.
          Regardless, this novel's a fun little romp for fans of the series with all of the characters, from Shuichi to Yuki, from Hiro to K, in finest form. There's no actual overarching series plot development, naturally; it's just another gag-filled episode in the lovers' epic series of romantic misunderstandings that follows the standard formula established by manga, anime, and drama CD. (Shuichi thinks Yuki is going to leave him and does everything possible to keep him, but, as it turns out, their relationship was never on the rocks in the first place except in Shuichi's own head.) Who was expecting anything different? *shrugs*
          The best part, I admit, was Murakami's B&W illustrations. Though there are only four (It feels like TOKYOPOP forgot to include some, but that seems unlikely...), the last two are sure to leave fans swimming in a puddle of their own drool. One of steamy Yuki x Shuuichi sex scene, which, if it weren't for the lack of genitals, looks like it belongs in a Remix doujinshi, and a super-cool pinup of a semi-shirtless Ryuuichi. Yep, fanservice to the max.
          Notes: ~B6 paperback, first American edition, 1st printing; first published in Japan in 2002
          Rating: 5/10 - A must for Gravitation fans and a possible pick for BL genre fans--Here Be Boy/Boy Sex Scenes!
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