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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
Banya: The Explosive Delivery Man Vol. 1 by Kim Young-Oh 
1st-Jan-2007 11:59 pm
Kim, Young-Oh. Banya: The Explosive Delivery Man. Vol. 1. Trans. Taesoon Kang, Derek Kirk Kim, and Philip Simon. Milwaukie: Dark Horse Manhwa, 2006.
          Summary: Gaya Desert Post Office delivery boy Banya accepts an assignment that involves delivering a missive for a very wanted man. And now the bad guys are after Banya, instead...
          Comments: Just in case you haven't been paying attention, Western fans have a tendency to stereotype Korean manhwa in the following fashion: "Pretty art, lame storyline." And, yes indeedy, those four words are all I really need to sum up anything and everything you need to know about this manga. (By the way, Dark Horse is trying a new trim size that offers up double-sided color covers, four interior color pages...and lots of cut-off text bubbles. Lovely.) The artwork is drawn in the standard steroidal sonyeon manhwa style, and, though Kim Young-Oh's layouts are more skillful than average, the plot's (lack of) complexity is intellectually suitable for a six-year-old, and the characters in no way diverge from your most transparent of cookie-cutter shounen manga archetypes. Anyway, this series may get marginally better, but I wouldn't bet good money on it.
          Notes: ~B6 paperback, first edition, 1st printing; first published in Korea in 2004
          Rating: 3/10 - Ka-RAP. TOKYOPOP's already given me enough stupid sonyeon manhwa to sink the ship of my attention. Why do we need more from another publisher?
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