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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
Free books from NETCOMICS! 
5th-Nov-2006 03:15 pm
Well, free to read and view online, anyway. (^_^;

The following NETCOMICS titles are currently 100% free to read online in their entirety (or at least all of the chapters that are currently available):
Almost Highly Classified by JTK
The Great Catsby by Doha
X Diary by Toma

And, as always, the first chapter of the first volume of every NETCOMICS title currently available online is free. (I recommend AEGIS and Let Dai for starters.)

NETCOMICS would be eternally grateful well-written, honest reviews of their titles posted to the site. I know you're all very intelligent and articulate on my friends list, so, please register! And, if you love it, explain why, and if you hate it, again, explain why! Is there something that needs improvement? Something you think NETCOMICS is doing right? The company wants feedback!
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