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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
Jack by A. M. Homes 
19th-Aug-2006 11:59 pm
You can keep the didactic young adult novels, thank you very much.

Homes, A. M. Jack. New York: Macmillian, 1989.
Summary: Jack's parents got divorced when he was young, but on the eve of his sixteenth birthday, his dad drops a bombshell--he's gay, and his roommate is actually his lover. After that, Jack must deal with prejudice in school, learning to drive, a new girlfriend who also has a gay father, a broken leg, and his best friend's parents' own dissolving marriage.
Comments: A disappointing and decidedly uninspired first novel. Even taking the date it was written into account, the whole "Boy Discovers His Dad Is Gay" effort seems gimmicky, especially since none of the adults' emotional nuances in such a situation are explored in detail. And, moreover, many of the major characters are one-note endeavors--Jack's mom is obsessed with getting the Kool-Aid stain out of the carpet and best friend Max always eats too much, for example. Girlfriend Maggie isn't worth the space she takes up characterization-wise, and Dad, oddly enough, is a cipher...Jack never quite gets into his head, and neither does the author. Jack himself (handsome star basketball player dating one of the popular girls) is of the too-cool-to-be-you protagonist types and isn't, in my honest opinion, a particularly believable teenaged boy. But then, with the low standards Homes set for this young adult novel, I shouldn't set my standards so high.
Notes: hardcover, 1st edition (library book)
Rating: 4/10 - Hardly worth even the instructive potential. Life'll serve you better.

1st-Sep-2006 05:22 am (UTC)
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