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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
In the Cut by Susanna Moore 
24th-May-2006 03:24 pm
Because, YES, I will read anything; this novel is a slight change of pace for me.

Thank you so much for the icon, rubygloomrox!

Moore, Susanna. In the Cut. 1995. New York: Plume, 1999.
Summary: A linguist and creative writing professor living in NYC, Frannie becomes embroiled in a murder mystery when she inadvertently sees a woman later found "disarticulated" giving a man with a tattoo a blowjob. As she was present at the scene of the crime, she becomes involved with the sleazy but sexually compelling Detective Malloy, who she thinks might be the murderer. The murderer, however, is actually his partner Rodriguez, and he has selected Frannie as his next victim.
Comments: If I had not seen the film adaptation of this novel in Korea two years ago, I never in a million years would have purchased it, even for a buck at a moving sale. Though mystery/thriller is not my genre of choice, this novel turned out to be quite well-written--kudos to Moore for her gothic depiction of and oversexed city rife with lust, obscure language, and violence that seems like a dark mirror version of such chick lit fluff as Sex and the City. (But, needless to say, I found the casual sex just as tasteless.) What I most admired here was what the protagonist does NOT explain; she gives us literal pages worth of slang vocabulary, but she does not explain what she has concluded about the murder mystery that has swept her up...nor does she ever give her name directly. Even though this is a first person narrative, there is something deeply alienating and impersonal about what's going on, right up until the end where she is dying, which, oddly, is the most clinical, impersonal moment of all. (If you've seen the film, you'll note that only Hollywood gives Frannie a happy ending.)
Notes: trade paperback, 4th printing
Rating: 6/10 - A good, quick, and LITERATE read that doesn't condescend to any of the formulaic prose styles of its genre.
31st-May-2006 07:19 pm (UTC)
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