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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
Huddle by Dan Boyle 
21st-Feb-2006 11:45 pm
From bad to worse. This really has been an unlucky month as far as quality reading material goes. Yeah, yeah, it's probably my own damn fault.

Boyle, Dan. Huddle. Binghamton: Southern Tier Editions, 2003.
Summary: Amidst breakups, family woes, job crises, and new loves, the nine gay men of L.A. Quake bring their team to victory at the West Los Angeles Flag Football Championship.
Comments: Quantity does not quality make. There was WAY too much here going on in this pathetic wannabe Friday Night Lights for less than 250 pages: 1) Too many characters, all interchangeably narcissistic or neurotic, half of them lovelorn in addition. I was utterly confused by the first chapter, and trying to keep track of nine men plus their lovers, friends, and opponents was just too much. 2) Too many prose styles. It's nice to know that Mitch thinks that he's the star of his own drama and that Dave channels James Joyce in his head...but puh-LEEZE. Don't try this sort of thing if you can't completely pull it off. 3) Too much damn subject matter. I thought I was reading a football novel, so why am I getting circuit parties and recreational drugs and the star-studded media biz, too? Whaddaya wanna be, already!? About all I genuinely enjoyed was the burgeoning romance between Bill and Ed--and that's because I'm a softie--though discovering that Ed's latest Mr. Wrong is actually a drag queen was kind of funny. Those like myself who know not the first thing about football will find that the confusion is mitigated over time. But screw that. I fell asleep at least five times trying to finish this monstrosity. Inflict this book on people with whom you want slow revenge.
Notes: hardcover, exclusive BCE; trade paperback edition available
Rating: 3/10 - If you see this one coming toward you with intent to tackle, dodge. Or, better yet, run the Hell away.
28th-Feb-2006 02:06 pm (UTC)
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