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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
Is this the final Final, finally? (And what's with the alliteration?) 
19th-Dec-2005 07:29 pm
I sure hope so. I don't know if I can stomach another year of community college classes while bigger and better things wait for me just over the horizon, just out of reach.

But, at least I can say that classes are absolutely and positively over, and now I can get back to the really (or should I be saying UN-) important stuff. Like reading. ^_~

Zebrun, Gary. Someone You Know. Los Angeles: Alyson, 2004.
Summary: Closeted gay man with wife and daughter Daniel Caruso has been sleeping around behind his family's back, but the only thing plaguing him is his lapsed Catholic guilt...until a serial killer starts offing his tricks. Things escalate as he himself and his family are threatened, and his discovers that the detective on his case Jared (also the first man Daniel blew) is the culprit.
Comments: Yet another mystery/thriller that failed to surprise me with its whodunnit, but points in Zebrun's favor for a nuanced and wholly believable closeted character with an equally believable yet completely sympathetic family. Their interactions come alive, especially the affection between father and daughter. (Makes me wonder what's happened in Zebrun's own life, ya know...?) I guess I don't have a visceral sympathy for Dan's desire for love with men even while he loves his family without question, but then attraction for me has never been purely physical OR gender-specific. But regardless. I guess some people just aren't satisfied with life when they're not being satisfied sexually, as well. :P The novel developed pretty strongly throughout, but I felt that the ending was rushed (Jared could have really tortured Dan worse--check out Out by Kirino Natsuo if you REALLY want to see a well-written torture scene), and what was with that half-assed conclusion, anyway? Jared's gonna get caught, but not before Dan dies? And what? Dan's death is necessary to redeem him for his sins? You must be kidding me. Also, I'm sure some might complain that the whole gay man as murderous predator is a stereotype and rather inappropriate for gay fiction, but I don't think Jared was really gay at all. If being gay means sexual attraction to other men, well, that wasn't really Jared. He was turned on by raw power over other people, particularly people like Dan who were vulnerable because they had secrets.
Notes: hardcover, exclusive BCE; trade paperback edition available
Rating: 6/10 - An excellent characterization of a closeted gay man as well as a tour of gay and S&M subcultures...but I'm not 100% certain I like the messages that it's sending.
20th-Dec-2005 07:07 pm (UTC)
I'm glad I didn't order it then^^
20th-Dec-2005 07:11 pm (UTC)
*snerk* Were you considering it? It's not a bad read. No worse than that Blood of Kings one from a few months ago, really, and it had less of an overt agenda.

Speaking of, there's an interesting new hypothesis about those "kissing kings" (which, apparently, were not kings but manicurists to the king ^^; ) in that novel--they were conjoined twins.
20th-Dec-2005 07:16 pm (UTC)
It was mntioned by Ceriseye but I had a bad feeling about a novel with some sort of gay sexual predator.

Where did you read that? I want a link^_^
20th-Dec-2005 07:19 pm (UTC)
It was mntioned by Ceriseye but I had a bad feeling about a novel with some sort of gay sexual predator.

He wasn't really gay, but you need to do a careful reading of the novel to pick that point out, I guess. I talked about that in my review. He was aroused by having power over people, and of course, given the prevailing gendered hierarchy, having power over a man is better than having power over a woman--so he goes after a man.

Where did you read that? I want a link^_^

In the NY Times. You need to sign up to read the article:
1st-Jan-2006 04:07 am (UTC)
Review archived.
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