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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
What can I tell ya? Honesty is the best policy. 
15th-Oct-2005 10:05 am
And I have extremely high, uncompromising standards.

Ougi, Yuzuha. Brother. DramaQueen, 2005. (First Japanese Edition: 2004)
Summary: Asuka's younger stepbrother Yui has been in love with him since they got trapped one afternoon in an abandoned building. Now that they're older, they've become lovers and taken each others' virginity (^^;...but alas the road of love is a rocky one.
Comments: Well, I have to hand it to DQ. This book is an impressive production. The standard TOKYOPOP dimensions have been coupled with a glossy dustjacket, color pinup, creamy paper in excess of anything you'll ever see from Japanese BL publishers, and, most importantly of all, the cleanest of art reproduction--totally uncensored. Unlike the Japanese original, actually, so if for some weird reason you just have to have Ougi's unedited illustrations, you cannot rely on Kaiohsha but must instead go DQ. (That Ougi apparently has difficulty drawing penises in anything less than a state of total erection makes this fact rather less exciting than it could have been, though.) This sort of thing hasn't happened since the days of Studio Proteus. The English translation, given that there wasn't much textual quality to work with in the first place, is decent--far better than what DMP generally puts out for their Yaoi line--but still decidedly awkward in places. Unfortunately, though, DQ's productions values are about the best that can be said for this BL dreck. Shall I number the cliches? Toshishita seme. Incest. Nonconsentual sex. Feisty uke. Silent seme. Miscommunication. Jealousy. Seme to the rescue! I see this sort of thing a dozen times each and every month. There is actually genuinely good, original, BL out there, but given what the American publishers are putting out, no one's ever going to believe that now. *sighs*
Notes: paperback, 1st American edition; purchased at Onnafest
Rating: 5/10 - If this were the Japanese release, I would say "Just forget about it!" outright. However, DQ's production values are worth seeing solely on their own merit, so I'll leave it up to you.
29th-Oct-2005 11:58 pm (UTC)
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