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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
I just haven't been much in the mood for manga, lately. 
12th-Sep-2005 11:29 am
Burn-out, perhaps? You think? (^^; In any case, though, what with classes starting up again, I may well be in the mood for cheap, throwaway, escapist entertainment quite soon.

Here's the paltry pile I've read in the past couple of weeks:

Hunter x Hunter Vol.4 by Togashi Yoshihiro
The conclusion of Gon's fated encounter with Hisoka, of course, and the conclusion of the Hunter Examinations, period. You may find the ending to be somewhat anti-climatic, but in a way it's a nice change of pace away from all of the battles and outward conflicts. Instead, we get hints of an *inward* conflict--namely that of Killua and his family. The best shounen manga are those that best balance a conflict-driven plot with a human backstory, and Togashi does that very well in this manga, at least up to a certain point. Not to mention the slash potential--which increases exponentially given that there are no main female characters whatsoever in the series.

Lagoon Engine Vol.3 by Sugisaki Yukiru
Our boys Yen and Jin help out two ghosts who can't find each other. All in all a pretty boring plot, if it weren't for the shotatastic elements which, as usual, come on hot and heavy. See, Yen thinks that maybe Ayato is a girl--which he, well, isn't...but perhaps that sentiment explains a one-way attraction!? XD There's also a bit more crossover with Lagoon Engine: Einsatz, which let me say is not necessary a good thing 'cause God that that Newtype USA original manga suck major ass. *sighs* TOKYOPOP (I don't *think* this was in the Japanese version) entreats fans to convince Sugisaki to write more of the series.

Red River Vol.7-8 by Shinohara Chie
More adventures of the Japanese girl who ends up altering civilizations in the ancient Middle East. :P I'm starting to get a bit of the Miaka vibe from Yuri, especially in the way that all the guys seem to be jostling in line to be the first to fall over her, but at least Yuri shows significant backbone. The way that she goes with the arrow in her back to prove that the Hittites had been betrayed from within and thus avert war with Egypt is truly heroic--and certainly not something your average girl would put herself through under any circumstances. The way that she goes off on her own to unmask the false Ishtar, however, strikes me as Miaka behavior, though hopefully it won't require someone like Prince Kail riding in to rescue her. Anyway, the art is only so-so and the dialogue unmemorable, but this is still an excellent and most entertaining shoujo other-world epic, and it definitely deserves a read or two.
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