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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
*vomits* Why am I not surprised? 
9th-Aug-2005 09:03 am
7 in 10 Singles Willing to Marry NK Women

By Seo Jee-yeon
The Korea Times
August 9, 2005

About 70 percent of South Korean single men are willing to get married to a North Korean woman, according to a local matchmaking agency Thuesday.

In a nationwide survey of 489 unmarried people with 227 males, Daks Club found that 67.8 percent of male respondents said they would be willing to marry a North Korean woman.

Asked to name their reasons, 45.1 percent, the majority of the surveyed males, said that North Korean women are not as sophisticated as their South Korean counterparts.

About 28.9 percent cited their ``natural beauty,’’ while 13.6 percent said that they would be more obedient to their husbands. Respondents gave plural answers for the question, the surveyor said.

Among those who would not marry a North Korean woman, 42.5 percent pointed out their ideological differences. Differences in lifestyle was cited by 34.9 percent.

Regarding the preferred place to take a North Korean woman on a date, 24.7 percent picked an amusement park, followed by movie theater and downtown.

When asked about their ideal North Korean woman, 50.6 percent of male respondents selected North Korean dancer Cho Myong-ae, who is seen in commercials for Samsung Anycall mobile phones.

In contrast to South Korean male singles, female singles in the South showed less interest in a North Korean spouse. Only 13 percent of female respondents said they would get married to a North Korean man.


Never mind the female shortage in South Korea--the real reason they think a North Korean bride would be awesome is because she'd still be "of the blood," but she'd be docile! Unlike South Korean women, who are starting to get disturbing notions in their heads about women's rights, and parenthood, and divorce.

I'm sorry, but I am so totally disgusted. Especially since I am cultivating the sneaking suspicion that this phenomena is not confined to South Korean men, but persists in the sensibilities of men everywhere. After all, Asian women are presumed to be obedient and pliable (not to mention exotically beautiful), and they certainly are popular with white men in the US these days!

(But, of course, never the reverse. I suspect that there are two competing stereotypes at work here: That Asian men are effeminate...and that Asian men are chauvinistic. :P )

To all the men of the world nurturing misconceptions about Asian and Asian-American women: Court me because you think I'll be biddable, and you are going to be in for the surprise of your life. Tout me as a status symbol amongst your friends, and you'll be even more sorry. Try forcing me into your misogynistic paradigm, and you will just be dead.

*coughs* As you can see, this article has put me in a...mood.
9th-Aug-2005 01:35 pm (UTC)
45.1 percent, the majority of the surveyed males, said that North Korean women are not as sophisticated as their South Korean counterparts.


Women who look the "right" way, but have also been trained since birth to be submissive and obedient to the male authority figure >_< And that’s a good thing?

As I said, they frequently annoy the heck out of me, and don’t make sense to me either....
9th-Aug-2005 01:46 pm (UTC)
She breeds, but she doesn't think. *disgusted* Not to mention that a large number of young North Korean people are mentally handicapped due to starvation.

(But how much of this notion of the docile North Korean female is true? After all, women are *technically* equal under Communism, and at least they have more job opportunities in the North as far as government jobs go. We just don't know...)

You know, there are some in South Korea who think that the North is the way life should be? *argh* THEY preserved the "uniquely" Korean traditions that the South left behind in its modernization.
9th-Aug-2005 03:58 pm (UTC)
Their natural beauty???? There on the same stretch of land in the nation essentially. Oh wait...I must marry a man from Oklahoma. I know I am in Texas but the men in Oklahoma are just so much more...betterererererer...

9th-Aug-2005 04:01 pm (UTC)
I know I am in Texas but the men in Oklahoma are just so much more...betterererererer...

Err. Now that's one I've never heard before! How you figure? ^_^

(North Korean women are untrammeled beauties, unmarred by the pockmarks of feminism and women's voting rights.)
9th-Aug-2005 04:21 pm (UTC)
Oklahoma mens have spaz tans and office jobs and you can walk all over them... ^__^ Same stupid and hallow stereotype. Like the one that says...I must date a Japanese man because I am into Yaoi and Anime!

9th-Aug-2005 05:22 pm (UTC)
I often wonder about those stereotypes. All of the Asian women I know or are friends with are just the opposite of docile and obedient. They run the show at their homes, the businesses they own, etc.
9th-Aug-2005 05:37 pm (UTC)
The docility is traditional, and traditions are changing in Asia. I still saw signs of it in Korea--the way women would roll over and just take blatant harrassment and outright extortion from men, for example. And, of course, all of my female coworkers who were the perfect little ladies at faculty get-togethers, pandering to the whims of the male faculty. But they don't like it and do sometimes protest publicly, which is an improvement.
9th-Aug-2005 07:59 pm (UTC)
*grinds teeth, then grins*
well...as a product of the endless fascination small asian women have for big white guys...(my dad's over six feet and my mom's maybe five-four, tops) i suppose i shouldn't complain, but...
yeah. my mom refers to her marriage as "the john and yoko phase" *smile*
i wish everyone who thinks asian women are so mysterious or obedient or sweet could meet my cousins, or live in hawaii - they're just...like everyone else...(says the boy who once got beaten up by the miyahara sisters - man, they were MEAN...) or meet my chinese friend cec, who looks like a toy but is an expert kickboxer, an excellent shot with rifle or small arms, and a lawyer to boot, or my friend greg's cambodian stepmother who can do ANYTHING from rewiring the kitchen to dancing the lindy...

i know that sometimes people are attracted to me because of what i look like, especially in places where haafu are a little less common - and it's annoying to be underestimated or treated dismissively or just neatly compartmented as "rice..." but maybe that's a gay thing, too...
ooh. i've been ranting, haven't i? and in your journal, too...*bows repeatedly* so solly! so solly! gomenasai! *trots off to make tea*

9th-Aug-2005 08:11 pm (UTC)
Don't worry. This entire entry began as a rant, and as they say: One turn (or in this case, rant) deserves another. ^_^

yeah. my mom refers to her marriage as "the john and yoko phase" *smile*

That's really cute, actually...except it makes it sound like your parents are divorced. ^^;

i know that sometimes people are attracted to me because of what i look like, especially in places where haafu are a little less common

*sighs* *and sighs again* Well, having been born and raised in a place (but not the same places for each! ^^; ) were people of mixed race are decidedly uncommon...yeah, there's definitely this exotic appeal involved. There's even this prevailing notion that children of mixed race are inherently more beautiful! (Heard that one before? >_< )

My college roommate spent many a night in bed "mating" me hypothetically with every type of guy she could think of. Her conclusion? I should marry and breed with a black guy. Our children would be "just gorgeous." "Golden brown skin," "almond eyes," my hair "but more wavy"...

I kid not.

9th-Aug-2005 08:08 pm (UTC) - RE: Why am I not surprised?
Err, because we've lived in Korea?
9th-Aug-2005 08:12 pm (UTC) - Re: Why am I not surprised?
Nothing like answering a rhetorical question with the obvious, eh, Molly? ^_~
10th-Aug-2005 02:23 am (UTC) - Re: Why am I not surprised?

It's what makes the world of cocktail parties go 'round, dontcha know. ;)

Of course I didn't feel comfortable discussing North Korea in my school at all.

Personally, when I was at my school I constantly found myself sceond-guessing my behavior in order to 'be nice' and 'fit in.' And it got even more confusing that a lot of the teachers (female) said in effect that I could be doing other things at school too, with the general impression that I could get away with more because I was foriegn and didn't know any better.
9th-Aug-2005 09:24 pm (UTC)
*dies laughing since she's personally this misconception throughout her life*

*Ariss turns to look at the mirror*

Small? No.
Pretty? No.
Docile? Hell no.
Exotic? Treat me as such and I'll castrate you in front of your friends with a dull spoon.
9th-Aug-2005 09:29 pm (UTC)
But, but, BUT...! You might still be "beautiful"! (Not until you prove me otherwise, Ariss! ^_~ )

gogoangelgunboy says that he can work the "exotic" part to his advantage. More power to him, but no matter which way I turn it around in my head, a woman "working" it is just asking for oppression.
9th-Aug-2005 09:26 pm (UTC)
Missing word:

"Personally encountered"
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