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"In the city of my birth, I had a dream..."
Memes, novels, other odds and ends... 
21st-Jul-2005 10:11 pm
First off...

What the f*ck is wrong with my journal's "post a comment" function!? Comments disappear after they are posted, only to reappear later and disappear again. Random comments and replies do not get email notifications, leaving me totally out of the loop until tonight about things that needed my attention. *grr* Why is it that this stuff never happened when I had a free account? Is it because I ponied up for that permanent account that they now figure there's no need to provide quality service anymore? Is that it!?

*coughs* Okay, no more angsting for today. Let's have a bit of fun with the meme that missmollyetc tagged me for...and try not to embarrass myself in the process. >_<

Name five fictional characters you'd have sex with.
*sighs* I don't think I'd have sex with *anybody* on a whim, but just for the sake of argument, people that I admire and/or don't seem too weird.

In no particular order:
1) Night from Absolute Boyfriend - Might as well use him for his intended purpose, and he was almost unbearably cute besides. :P
2) Dana Scully from The X-Files - Totally loved her character. She could have me any day of the week.
3) Major Kira from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Loved her character, too. I must have a thing for strong women. ^^;
4) Shigure from Fruits Basket - If we could just figure out the whole hugging bit...I know what you're thinking. I like dogs, but not in *that* way. ^_~
5) Uh-oh...my mind's totally blanking out...

I won't tag anyone since I figure I'm, like, the last person on earth to do this; if you want to, be my guest.

And lastly, the latest book devoured:

Man about Town by Mark Merlis
You'll be excused if you think this is going to be senator/Congressional advisor slash. (Politician slash. Wonder how many people are cringing while reading this right now?) The cover and the first dozen pages or so definitely point in that decidedly unsavory direction. The novel is actually about the middle-aged Joel, who, after being dumped by his significant other of fifteen years, decides to go find himself, or rather, the man in a picture that he obsessed over at the age of fourteen. In the process, we get plenty of great detail of Washington D.C. and politics, as well as a heart-sinking bill (hopefully not real) to deny those infected with HIV Medicare. Everything is render in stark terms, from Joel's passion for unhealthy food and corresponding paunch, to unflinching discussion of racism. Yet there were times that I was laughing aloud. I was more impressed with this book than I was with the earlier An Arrow's Flight; the entire work is more mature, and not because the hero is older than the wet-behind-the-ears Pyrrhus. Merlis works better in totally real locales; his descriptions of New Jersey and its corporate drug giants were right on, not surprising as he lives in nearby New Hope, PA. (Me: "The author of this book I just finished lives in New Hope!" Mom: "Is he gay?" Me: "Umm...yeah." Mom: "Figures.") His depiction of affluent gay life in middle age is unflinching as well, the accompanying pyschology both sad and sympathetic. Though I'm not quite certain where exactly the author wants Joel to be by the end, the journey was very worth it.

Hopefully, my order of manga will come by the end of this week and rescue me from all of these deep, literary thoughts... :P
22nd-Jul-2005 03:15 am (UTC)
oh lord...only five?
can we make it six?

sirius black
jin - samurai champloo
soubi - loveless

and probably lestat, just for the fun of driving someone even shallower, nastier, and more self-absorbed than i am absolutely foaming mad.

and the god dionysos, as he appears in the bacchae, please - panther-eyed and dark-haired...*faints*
22nd-Jul-2005 03:39 am (UTC)

Really? Seems like he'd be way too uptight in bed, horn-blowing or no... ^_^;

sirius black

Movie or book? ^__^

and probably lestat, just for the fun of driving someone even shallower, nastier, and more self-absorbed than i am absolutely foaming mad.

*dies laughing* An Anne Rice character, eh? I think I'd be too afraid to sleep with any of her creations, although she does write some pretty tempting angels...
22nd-Jul-2005 03:51 am (UTC)
way too uptight in bed...
ooooh, sometimes people like that can be fun....*grin*

book or movie? either.

hey - you think i can't take lestat? chuu. the vampire lebrat....
22nd-Jul-2005 11:31 am (UTC)
book or movie? either.

Well, if it's movie Sirius Black, that would mean Gary Oldman. Hmm. He was awfully handsome as Dracula, I'll give him that. ^_^

you think i can't take lestat? chuu. the vampire lebrat....

I didn't say that. ^_^ Though, after all Rice has put him through, I'm not sure there's really much left of the original "brat prince." (Except I didn't read Blackwood Farm, so I have no clue where he ended up in the end, other than making more vampires.)
22nd-Jul-2005 04:07 pm (UTC)
*grin* well, the only anne rice i've ever read was interview... i got part of the way through lestat and bogged down. it's just...her style...*shudder*
22nd-Jul-2005 05:33 pm (UTC)
Oh, well in that case you know evilly-arbitrary Lestat and not cold stupor Oh-My-God-I've-Met-God Lestat. ^_^
22nd-Jul-2005 05:16 am (UTC)
Name five fictional characters you'd have sex with.

In no particular order:
1) Balladbird Lee from Gungrave - Obvious as the sky is blue.
2) Det. Lt. Edmund Jennings Exley from the novel LA Confidential. He needs it real bad.
3) Vegeta, DBZ. Because I need it real bad too.
4) Starbuck, from the new Battle Star Gallactica. She's teh hot.
5) Detectives Goren from L&O:CI. Not sex really, just come conversation...

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